Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcome to Howard County (Maryland) Police Speed Trap Watch blog


The main purpose of me creating this blog is to share the things I learned with you about how the (Maryland) Howard County Police try to trap us drivers to give us fines and points against our licenses to meet their job quota.  I also want to explain how to avoid their traps and have lots fun in the process. 

This blog is not about me hating the (Maryland) Howard County police or accusing them of any misdeeds or abuse of citizens beyond what the county law legally demands of them.  The Howard county police have always been very polite and very professional to me any time I have been pulled over by them,  even the rare times that they caught me in a driving offense; like me not wearing my seatbelt which was a $25 fine.  The female officer who caught me on it was a real sweetheart who told me she was ordered to stake out an intersection near my neighborhood on seatbelt duty during the Howard County Seatbelt Awareness month. You know that must be very demeaning for her to do this and for the others of those police who grew up watching cop TV shows which was what inspired them to be police in the first place.
So this blog is not about hating them, instead it’s about us beating them when they are ordered to trap us with fines and points while we are just trying to get from point A to point B in a reasonable period of time. This blog is about sharing the details of the Howard County police predatory behavior in trying to trap us with speeding offenses. You must understand that we the drivers are their prey.
They are the predator hiding behind trees or in the shadows or dark and waiting for us in their stealthy jet black Dodge chargers with the recessed top roof (‘please pull over’)  lights and we are the lone prey that they are looking for when we are not paying attention by watching out for them while we are driving alone from the pack.  We are trying to get to work and school and maybe a social even or two, to get there on time while we are running late without seeing those flashing lights appear behind us giving us those points and a fine resulting in our insurance rates being jacked up. 
I will also explain why red light cameras and those county mobile speed cameras in Howard County Maryland are the least of our driving problems, in spite of all the negative attention paid to them on the internet and editorials.  As I will explain these threats are very simple to detect and avoid, unlike the stealthy designed black jet back dodge chargers police cars with flat roof lights with their radars and lasers, or those police sneaking around with unmarked cars tailgating us to get us to speed to then trap us and their other sleazy tricks.
Detecting Howard County police can be FUN and warning other drivers about them can be even better FUN.  So let’s have some real fun together neighbors and work together.  'Promote Civility' is the  Howard County government motto so lets do it together HA-HA.  

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